Discount Codes – Sedikhii Savings Plus

Discount Codes

Our discount codes can come in two ways, as an automatic discount when qualifying products are added to the cart and also as manual codes in which need to be added by the customer. 

Products eligible for our discount codes are items not already on sale(regular priced items). Codes do not stack. If two codes are entered into the same order, the discount with the larger savings is applied.

We pride ourselves by being a unique online shopping experience and in saying this, we allow customers to request discount codes on any product on our website. Please know we have the right to deny discount requests based on frequency of requests, sales or other special circumstances. Requested discount codes expire within 48 hours.

Below is a list of our current manual discount codes with any stipulations that apply to them. If you don't see a code for the collection you're interested in, simply send the discount code request to Happy shopping!

1. DRESS15 - Dress Collections

  • 15% off 7 collections
  • Minimum purchase of US$50.00
  • For everyone
  • Limit of 2 uses

2. PR15 - All Collections

  • 15% off entire order
  • Minimum purchase of US$50.00
  • For everyone
  • One use per customer

3. GLJ50 - Genuine Leather Jackets

  • US$50.00 off 17 products
  • Applies to each eligible item per order
  • For everyone